What You Need to Know About Notary Public

What You Need to Know About Notary Public

At first glance, the word may seem intimidating, and sometimes people have no idea or haven’t heard of a notary public before. Luckily, after reading this article, the information should be etched into the reader’s mind on everything there is to know about this subject.

A notary public is an officer that has been appointed by law to serve the public in non-contentious matters. Public notaries like Florida Notaries operate in the famous fields that are assets deeds, powers of attorney, and estates. Here are more details about notary public officers.


The body in charge of notaries within a country’s jurisdiction is responsible for selecting public notaries in the area. Notaries can also be appointed directly by a court or attorney general. For instance, short term notaries are known as lay notaries selected by a board of notaries in the governing body.

Administering Oaths and Witnessing Signings

notaryA notary has an obligation to administer oaths in cases such as estate transfer, loan signing, and mortgage signing. They can ensure that the oath taken is a sign of commitment to being transparent in the dealing. He/she can also witness and sign against their name when a deal is underway.

For example, when an individual or business takes a loan from a bank. A notary will also inspect the credibility of the owner’s signature and perhaps take fingerprints for his/her journal.


Another huge task in the hands of a notary is that they are supposed to acknowledge an action when it has taken place. For instance, when a party has completed their loan payment. A notary is the one to write a letter of acknowledgment to the lender to confirm that the person has finished paying the money and is no longer in debt.


notary signA notary public should never have to pick a side regardless of the nature of the dealings or signings. They remain neutral to perform their work and maintain a high standard of integrity. Depending on different states, there are penalties in place if a notary picks sides to favor a particular party. It is normal to avoid fraud instances such as this if the notary upheld integrity.


From the information above, you should learn that a notary public is an officer that has the mandate to sign, witness, and acknowledge official business between two parties. He/she always aims to seek neutrality in every duty. If you initially had questions concerning notaries, I hope this article comes in handy.…