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2004 End of Year Link Dump

Excerpt: It's time to admit I'm never going to get around to doing individual posts on some things I saved links to last year and just say

Blog: Small Town Veteran

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The Pentagon gets a clue about disabled

Excerpt: Time was, any soldier even slightly disabled would be given a medical discharge and sent home with a pension.

Blog: Posse Incitatus

Tracked Back: Thu Dec 2 10:08:57 2004

Should the wounded still serve?

Excerpt: The following idea looks good at first, but turns out to be a nightmare waiting to happen. Via Intel Dump, I found a Washington Post story about the military's changing attitude toward mandatory medical retirement of the severely wounded and disabled: In a shift in military culture, the U.S. armed forces have recently announced new efforts to keep seriously wounded...

Blog: Brain Shavings

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