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Listed below are links to blogs or other websites which have notified this blog that they've posted something which links to A few good corporate citizens. This is an automatically generated list and the presence of any link on this list should not be construed as an endorsement of them.

Military-Friendly Employers

Excerpt: Via Blackfive, I found a link to a list on Intel Dump of the 25 most military-friendly employers in America (as rated by G.I. Jobs Magazine). I want to acknowledge to a local company not on the list: HGTV.

Blog: Abstract Musings

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News links by the unit/time

Excerpt: Via Blackfive, I found this, a list of the Nation's most GI friendly employers: 1. Home Depot 2. Sprint 3. General Electric 4. Brink's 5. Johnson Controls 6. Union Pacific 7. Lockheed Martin 8. American Electric Power 9. USAA 10. Electronic...

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Home Depot...

Excerpt: ...hired 10,000 veterans last year.


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The Corporate Good Citizen List

Excerpt: Intel Dump reports on a list of 25 companies that go the extra mile in supporting their reservist employees. (Add Sears to the list.)

Blog: Let's Try Freedom

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