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Army's desert OPFOR on the way to Iraq...This is a

Excerpt: Not sure I agree with all of the analysis so far, some going so far as to compare us sending the OPFOR Unit into battle to eating ones seed corn. I understand that this unit is probably very well trained but then again having not been in battle exact...

Blog: The Pink Flamingo Bar Grill

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Miscellaneous links

Excerpt: I did want to put up some links to some things I thought were interesting: Captain Ed posts on how Al Qaeda is focusing on Pakistan with the hope removing Musharraf from power. Check out the story. Also, while I'm linking to Captain's Quarters...

Blog: A Physicist's Perspective

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Draft dodging

Excerpt: ...Couple that with the controversy in Britain over troop deployment in the north of Iraq. The US has apparently requested that the British place 650 of their troops under direct American control for the rest of the operation. The deployment policy i...

Blog: Julie Saltman

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Army Trainers to Become Fighters in Iraq

Excerpt: Army Trainers to Become Fighters in Iraq (LAT) For years, The Box has been a stage for the Army's elite "opposition force" — soldiers expert at assuming the roles of enemy fighters, be they the Taliban or Iraqi insurgents. Their mission is to tou...

Blog: Outside The Beltway

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HMM . . .

Excerpt: Phil Carter has a story on the Army's deployment of the 11th Armored Combat Regiment to Iraq. He says it's "like eating your seed corn." Go read Phil's post to see why. I must admit, I find this development very

Blog: Stop the Bleating!

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