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The Right Way For The Left To Hate Cheney

Excerpt: Here's a couple of interesting people who I suspect are Democrats, who have serious perspectives on Halliburton. Warning: I might be wrong about both their political affiliations. One of my regular reads is Phillip Carter at INTEL DUMP. In his entry titled Halliburton Speaks he looks at an op-ed by Halliburton's CEO in his company's defense and concludes that it's well-founded.

Blog: LGF Watch Watch

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Halliburton and contracts

Excerpt: Phil Carter has a nice post with regards to whether Halliburton's often-referred to "no-bid" contract was really a no-bid contract (it wasn't), and more generally the necessary role of contractors at present.

Blog: A Physicist's Perspective

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Defending Halliburton

Excerpt: Phil Carter links and comments on an interesting LAT op-ed by Halliburton CEO David Lesare, "A Tough Job, and Halliburton Does It." Halliburton has become a political issue in this presidential election year. You're hearing a lot about us. But...

Blog: Outside The Beltway

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