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Phillip Carter at Intel Dump drew attention to Amb. Paul Bremer's statements that the inadequate number of troops deployed to Iraq and the subsequent inability to stop the looting and v

Blog: This Is Rumor Control

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Fred Kaplan on the "major policy address"

Excerpt: Also see this IntelDump post. That WashPost article says this: In an effort at damage control, the administration disclosed yesterday that top U.S. officials handling Iraq were split over troop strength. After two years of denying internal divisions, the administration confirmed that Bremer had pushed for additional troops.

Blog: Stygius

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A Former Top U.S. Official Criticizes Post War Policy

Excerpt: Ambassador L. Paul Bremer, who was in charge of governing Iraq in the immediate post-war aftermath, has joined critics of the administration's handling of the post-war period -- and it couldn't come at a worse time for the White House.

Blog: The Moderate Voice

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