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cognitave dissonance

Excerpt: i'm currently reading phil carter's incredibly coherent analysis of max boot on pentagon initiatives while listening to pearl jam's 2003 concert at state college, pa. there's an incredible cognitive dissonance here. bottom line: phil is the better writer. pearl jam is the better artist. suprising? no. not at all....

Blog: riting on the wall

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The Failure of Tommy Franks

Excerpt: Tommy Franks is considered a great general without ever winning a war. Major fighting is still going on in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now if the measure of great military tactical skill is putting small bands of special forces in Afghanistan and letting O...

Blog: Last Day of My Life

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Tipping towards one side of the fence

Excerpt: A few days ago I asked: Which is better: a foreign policy with a clearly articulated grand strategy but a f#$%ed-up policy process, or a foreign policy with no articulated grand strategy but a superior policy process? Phil Carter has...

Blog: Daniel W. Drezner

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Phil Carter sums it all up

Excerpt: How we lost the peace in Iraq.

Blog: Mark A. R. Kleiman

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Issue #47: Blogworthy section

Excerpt: Philip Carter at Intel Dump lambastes Max Boot for his off-the-mark review of General Tommy Frank's glossed-over new book.

Blog: Current Events Monitor

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