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False Frames

Excerpt: I agree with Morat that the American people will be confused when they see the next large rotation of American soldiers leaving for another tour of duty, and this prompts me to be curious as to why Bush and Rove have decided to at first make such a b...

Blog: Fester's Place

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We Cannot Save Everyone, But We Must Save Everyone We Can

Excerpt: When one examines at the international community's present response to the humanitarian catastrophe in the greater Darfur region of Sudan, there are some reasons for hope and many reasons for dismay. The main reason for hope is the joint diplomatic

Blog: Too Many Worlds

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Philip Carter weighs in

Excerpt: Philip Carter manages to meld together the theme of my last two posts -- troop levels and the crisis in Sudan. On the first question, Carter has a Slate piece criticizing pretty much everyone inside the Beltway for using fuzzy...

Blog: Daniel W. Drezner

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