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Law or War?

Excerpt: Phil Carter does a pretty thorough job of discussing the Padilla case, but I have to agree with JAG Central that the key to the case is whether or not Jose Padilla is an enemy combatant or not. Since the...

Blog: Funmurphys: the Blog

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Facts on the Ground

Excerpt: Phil Carter, in an excellent analysis, discusses the pickle the government has put itself in by its handling of the Padilla case: In a case like this, where all of the evidence has been either tainted by torture or tainted by poor process, the only op...

Blog: Sick Transit

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Padilla discussion

Excerpt: Intel Dump has a good discussion of the legal issues involved in Jose Padilla's imprisonment. It's worth a read. There is a term of art that lawyers use to refer to a evidence that can only be proven worthy of...

Blog: Hyperion Court

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The Nature and Cause of the Accusation

Excerpt: The Constitution of the United States, like much other holy writ, is often mentioned and rarely read. Today the US Department of Justice (sic) launched a public relations campaign to villify José Padilla, a person arrested two years ago who has never been charged with anything. (Carter's informed, detailed discussion of Padilla's case is must reading for anyone interested in this case and its ramifications.)

Blog: Robert Silvey

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Padilla and the Constitution

Excerpt: Phil Carter has worthwhile thoughts on the frighteningly Kafka-esque arguments being employed in favor of continued detention of Jose Padilla. His key paragraph: There is a term of art that lawyers use to refer to a case that can only...

Blog: Unlearned Hand

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