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Staying the Course to Disaster

Excerpt: This tattered wish list, Bush hopes, will paper over the disaster he has created in Iraq, at least until the November election. But there are no details, no specifics, no names or dates or numbers related to what a competent CEO might call "action items." If this were a business plan, it might have been acceptable during the dot-com boom. But the security of Iraq—and so of the US and of the world—is of more consequence than the economic survival of, and we need a leader with more brains than a smiling doggy sock-puppet.

Blog: Robert Silvey

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Speech Roundup

Excerpt: To start, read the transcript of Bush's Army War College speech. Read it? Good. Now on to the reactions. Phil Carter breaks the speech down into its five points and analyzes each one, praising a couple and pointing out the...

Blog: the Greater Nomadic Council

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