Friday, February 28, 2003

Weekend Break
: I've got reserve duty this weekend, which means less time online and less time to update Intel Dump. If any major stories break, I'll add my notes in the evening when I get home from my unit.
Headline blooper: Iraq appears more flexible than the 9th Circuit

Apparently, no one at the Los Angeles Times' website is paying attention to the juxtaposition of their headlines. Or if they are, they're trying to send a very pointed message to the judges of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit: loosen up. See for yourself.

Court Won't Bend on Pledge Ruling
UPDATE: Appeals court refuses to reconsider ruling that "under God" reference is illegal.

Iraq Bends a Bit on Missiles
Baghdad agrees "in principle" to destroy its proscribed missiles.

Who knew that the despotic regime of Saddam Hussein was more willing to bend than the judges of the 9th Circuit?
: Pentagon releases its "Crimes and Elements" for military tribunals

The Defense Department released a draft version today of the "Crimes and Elements for Trials by Military Commission," as reported in today's Wall Street Journal by Jess Bravin. The document was drawn up by Pentagon lawyers based on legal principles in international law, federal law, and military law. It is essentially a model penal code for the conduct of warfare according to the United States. Bravin and others have speculated that this list of crimes will be used to try both members of Al Qaeda and members of the Iraqi government.